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I have always enjoyed returning to Vienna where I was born. In November 2012 winter was approaching, the air was fresh, people were in a hurry and it was getting dark much earlier. The city had changed. This different atmosphere stimulated the idea for this portfolio. A city changes its face and mood with the seasons. A different reality comes to the fore.

Moving through the city I photographed familiar places. The images I took that November seemed to speak to my subconscious in a very special way, taking me back to my early childhood in post-war Vienna.

This series reflects a deep and emotional picture of what Vienna still means to me. Presenting the images in black & white I transpose the reality of today into a representation of the past. My past.

The exhibition was held May 2014 at the Salerno Gallery in Sydney as part of the Head On Photo Festival. Emeritus Professor Des Crawley spoke at the opening, music was provided by Catgut.
NightmarelanewayfootstepsWindow to the skyleading the wayLast drinksNight watchI can see youRenovationDurchhausNebenzimmerMusical stairsStepping upMistySunday morningInto the lightAfter hoursRiding in the cityPassing byIn a hurry